Trouble Child

But she has such an angelic smile…  read “Trouble Child” by Julia Connolly.

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Trouble Child

At 4, she ripped the arms, legs, and head off the baby doll her parents had bought her to keep her from being too jealous of the real new baby.

When she was 5, her mother was called to collect her from nursery school after she beat up a boy named Mark who tried to keep her from being the engineer on the playground train.

At 6, she sprang herself from the fenced area her dad had built to contain her and ran into the street where she was narrowly missed by a cement truck. The driver was so upset he pulled over and spanked her before turning her over to her parents.

Later that year, on a dare, she ate a worm on the playground during recess.

At 7 years old, she exchanged clothes with her pal Eddie in her bedroom, then convinced him to walk with…

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