Too Much To Do

A woman who needs no introduction– Julia Connolly.

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I’m jealous of my husband. Or at least I’m envious of one thing he doesn’t have: A to-do list. He doesn’t not have one because he has nothing to do; he’s actually a highly productive guy. But other than work-related priorities, which he keeps in his head, his to-do list (if he had one) would look something like this:

1. April 5, 8 a.m.–dentist

That’s it!

My list, on the other hand, consists of 12,357 items on a light day. That’s partly because I’m forgetful and disorganized, but mostly because I’m a woman.

Women, after all, are the do-ers of the species. We birth the babies, we pick up the dry cleaning, we pick out the birthday gift for our husband’s cousin Irene.

We wipe the tears and runny noses, remember to get green sox before soccer practice, learn 237 ways to cook chicken breasts. We often do all these…

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