Caution: Graduation Season Ahead

Words of wisdom from Siren Susan Lilley, who is a professor and an English teacher at a prep school. Susan’s work is always an interesting read, whether her topic applies to directly to you or not. And it applies to me. My youngest, Laureli, not only turned down a full ride to Smith, which devastated me, but she also quit college after her first year– stomping my lifelong dreams for her into the ground.
“Everyone wants to imagine that their child will LOVE college life and everything will fall into place. But about half the time, that dreamy dream does not play out. And really, how could it? Despite a carefully considered decision, these kids are still very plastic, forming creatures according to brain development experts. So here are a few hard but true things to keep in mind as you get ready to shove your golden young bird out of the nest.”


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