Sweet Melissa

Sweet Melissa.


Speaking of Gluttony, Siren Susan Lilley shares the SIN FINALE featuring Avarice and Pride with a side order of Lust in this tale of debauchery that took place in sweet little ol’ College Park.


SCOTUS and My Days of Wrath

Susan Lilley must be heard!

“This was a genteel party with a Christmas tree and dressed up Christmas children running around. But because I was now associated with “women’s lib” as people still said in 1980s, this otherwise gentlemanly, mama-kissing, yes-ma’aming, chivalrous fellow felt perfectly entitled to talk to me that way in polite company…

I threw my drink in his face. I did it without thinking, and it was as if a dozen dead kittens just fell into the middle of this beautiful sparkly party. My husband suddenly appeared and we left the party in short order. I was talked about all week as the crazy woman who made a scene.”