On Gender Bias in Student Evaluations

Oh, so true! My most competent, professional, organized professors were women. Because women are at the business of teaching and not at the business of socializing, they are perceived to be hard asses. Not true. Just excellent professors. (I had a couple of excellent male professors, too. But not enough.)


Learning Balance

Leslie Salas is one of my role models– and I have children older than her.

Leslie Learns Lines

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Things have been pretty quiet here on the LeslieLearnsLines blog, despite some recent interest in my list of literary journals that also publish comics. (Welcome, new readers!)

While I’ve been updating my Twitter feed regularly with content relating to education and writing (it’s the best way to get a hold of me!) and will be posting more over at The Gloria Sirens this month, lately most of my extra energy has focused on three manuscripts (in three different genres). One manuscript has already been accepted by a publisher and I’m working on editing it so that it will be ready for a 2016 release. The other two are well in the works and I’m super excited about them, they but aren’t quite ready for unveiling. Hang tight–info is coming soon.

Juggling the manuscripts and my load of 50 to 75 new students every single month and…

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