Why Won’t She Leave Him?

Don’t tell her what to do; talk to her and listen. Offer your help, but understand that to leave or not to leave is her decision. Respect it. And tell her you respect her.
Acknowledge the pain and turmoil she is in, most especially the emotional turmoil. If she doesn’t leave him, don’t give up on her leaving him. Give her love, respect, support, and time. It’s going to take all of that.


Who’s Grabbing Your P*ssy Now?

Gloria Siren Lisa Lanser Rose on Trump, the other Trumps around the world, and what it means to women have a “P***y” on your body 24/7.  She makes some brilliant and insightful points on a subject that is being widely talked about.  I recommend you read this, and it will add to your outlook on the subject.


I was raised to be a nice girl in New Jersey, by which I mean I only have sex with someone I’m in love with, which tends to exclude most of my husbands after the first seven years. It also me…

Source: Who’s Grabbing Your P*ssy Now?

“Grab them by the p—y” Evil Misogynist Donald Trump and What We Learned From This

Source: “Grab them by the p—y” Evil Misogynist Donald Trump and What We Learned From This


I can’t see why there’s such a stir about this video showing Donald Trump’s vulgar objectification of women and boastful declaration that he will commit sexual assault. Seriously? We didn’t already know he’s a vile misogynist who promotes rape culture, AND WORSE? But the video does have value. It proves another fatal character flaw of Trump: He doesn’t follow through.

Nothing but a pompous blowhard whose egomania demands he be surrounded by sycophants (how many campaign managers has he had?), Trump talks a big game. Braggadocio spews from him like diarrhea. But he doesn’t follow through.

Read 527 more words at The Gloria Sirens.


Growing up With a Mentally Ill Mother and the Stigma It Should Not Entail

“As I listen to the commentary and interviews in broadcast media and read op-ed pieces about the recent stabbings and shootings, I struggle to accept the truth: there but for some sort of grace goes my family. We could have been chasing after my mother on a paranoid spree of violence. We could any day be the victims of someone else’s unstable loved one. So could you. How do we face such a threat? How do we diffuse the ill, who are so often victims themselves?”