Advice to a Friend Who Has Quit His Mediocre Job

Remind yourself that you would rather be broke and have a chance at happiness, than doing ok but going numb year by year.

The Manifesto

boots-681458_1280So, I’m about 3 months ahead of you on this quitting your job thing, which means I know some of the things you may go through. Everybody’s different, but perhaps some of my stuff will be useful to you.

1. There will be doubts. Huge, world-crushing doubts that feel so heavy you can do nothing, absolutely nothing, for hours, except your favorite form of escape: games on your phone while watching mindless tv, or overlong naps, or rabbit-hole YouTube watching sprees. The only thing that will make these crushing feelings worse is you simultaneously yelling at yourself for not doing anything “productive,” and convincing yourself this means any future endeavors are doomed to failure. Of course, you’ll do this to yourself, too.

2. Don’t believe any of the shit you say to yourself during these periods. Think of it like you’re dealing with a slimy used-car salesman, or a room…

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