When Another School Shooting is Another Domestic Violence Shooting

Here, I take look at the domestic violence shooting at North Park Elementary in San Bernardino that took the life of a teacher, Karen Elaine Smith, and one of her students, Jonathan Martinez.


“School shootings and domestic violence shootings are two separate, complex problems—even when they become intertwined, as they have today. Crucial in the development of this tragedy is that the victim, Karen Elaine Smith, had recently left her abuser—the most dangerous time and circumstance for a battered woman. In our righteous grief and anger because this shooting took place at a school and included child victims, we must not forget the women like Ms. Smith who need us to address this story as a domestic violence issue.”


Read this in its entirety at the online magazine, The Gloria Sirens:

When Another School Shooting is Another Domestic Violence Shooting



Why Won’t She Leave Him?

Don’t tell her what to do; talk to her and listen. Offer your help, but understand that to leave or not to leave is her decision. Respect it. And tell her you respect her.
Acknowledge the pain and turmoil she is in, most especially the emotional turmoil. If she doesn’t leave him, don’t give up on her leaving him. Give her love, respect, support, and time. It’s going to take all of that.

“Grab them by the p—y” Evil Misogynist Donald Trump and What We Learned From This

Source: “Grab them by the p—y” Evil Misogynist Donald Trump and What We Learned From This


I can’t see why there’s such a stir about this video showing Donald Trump’s vulgar objectification of women and boastful declaration that he will commit sexual assault. Seriously? We didn’t already know he’s a vile misogynist who promotes rape culture, AND WORSE? But the video does have value. It proves another fatal character flaw of Trump: He doesn’t follow through.

Nothing but a pompous blowhard whose egomania demands he be surrounded by sycophants (how many campaign managers has he had?), Trump talks a big game. Braggadocio spews from him like diarrhea. But he doesn’t follow through.

Read 527 more words at The Gloria Sirens.