Are You Shielding an Abuser? Victims Deserve to be Believed


Sadly, the allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of everyone’s favorite TV dad of the 80s and 90s, Bill Cosby, makes the following in-depth essay written in the wake of the allegations against Woody Allen timely and relevant again.  Different celebrity, different allegations, same old bull from small-minded people who say the predictable type of things small-minded people say when a victim comes forward: she wasn’t actually raped, she’s only after his money or out to ruin his reputation or to make a name for herself, and if she took so long to come forward it can’t be true because all real rape victims report their rape immediately.

Below is my essay, “What Would You Say if I Told You? Talking About Sexual Abuse,” that covers sexual abuse from allegations against Woody Allen to sexual abusers who prey on those in their own families to a case where I represented a teenage girl for an injunction for protection against her mother’s husband.  What is “real” evidence?  If charges aren’t filed against an accused rapist, does that mean police and prosecutors don’t believe he did?  Read on for answers.  


Are You Shielding an Abuser? Victims Deserve to be Believed.


The Longest Day

by Suzannah Gilman

The Univ. of Arizona Poetry Center presented poetry prompts at the opening of their new building in 2007.  This was mine:  “Include in your poem one or more of the following: rope, hands, a rubber band, a legal document, corn starch, and a promise.”  No problem. 


It seems so clear—
suddenly? (after twenty-odd years)—
we should not have held hands
on that sticky June morn,
cornstarch sprinkled under our arms,
summer solstice,
June twenty-first.
Now it hurts
to know
(last week you told me on the phone)
the promise we made that day
was all that kept you with me,
hurts like the sting of a rubber band,
over and over again.
This much I know:
dissolution is a good thing
and I’d divorce you again tomorrow,
blessed sunset on the longest day.


mother of 4

I emerged the very loved and fulfilled mother of these four people, so my years were not spent in vain.

Poll: Have You Had a Hair-Raising Experience?

There is perhaps nothing more devastating than a hair catastrophe.  If you haven’t had one yet, you are very, very lucky.

Feel free to share your stories in the “What do you have to say?” (comments) section.


When Everything Has to Be Absolutely Perfect: My Hair-Raising Experience

by Suzannah Gilman

The Gloria Sirens are posting “hair pieces” today.  This one, by me, makes 6 hair pieces.  Reblogged from The Gloria Sirens.

Before that evening, I hoped that everyone would be stealing glances at me, wondering who I was. And they were. Not for the reason I thought they would, but I giggled to my fiancé. “They will all remember me tomorrow!” And I’m sure they did.

susan boyle

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